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VIN J58S105187

Car Year: 1958
Car's approximate birthday: March 13, 1958
Owner: Private Seller
State: Connecticut
Country: United States
Car website
Purchase date: Undefined
Status: Current Owner
State: Unknown
Exterior: Silver Blue (21.88%)
Interior: Other Color
Coves: Snowcrest White
Softtop: Other Color
Wheels: Other Color
Delivery Dealer Zone: Unknown
Delivery Dealer Code: Unknown
Options: RPO Option Percentage
Sold [%]
Sales Price
  0867 Base Corvette (1x4 230hp)   3,591.00
  685 4 Speed Manual Transmission 7.24% 215.20
  Total   0.0000%
(1 Cars)
Factory job nr.: Unknown
Export Car: Non Export Car
Car history:
The 1958 Corvette project you have been waiting for! Just pulled out of the dry garage it's been stored in since 1972!! The owner states he started stripping the paint back then after using it every day for about 6 years. He thought he was going to "restore" it. He thinks he was the second owner of the car. Car still had the registration plate on it from then! The neighborhood kids broke all the windows in it one night and he got mad and put it into the garage and covered it up with heavy blankets and never went back to it again! It had a 283 engine and 4-speed transmission, they are gone, he thinks his dad threw them out long ago. His parents house was being sold due to their passing, so he was finally forced to sell it! I pulled it out as you see it. It rolls very easily, it is not jacked up in back, the old wide Cragars on back are oversized and 15" also. This body is very fine, smooth and clean, not "fuzzy"at all. The entire body fiberglass with the exception of the hood is factory original! [ I have the perfect original hood available separately] It has all the exterior paint removed, was done very nice and correctly done, no gouges or sanding done to it. It is really very smooth, he did it chemically and knew what he was doing, he did not even disturb the old repairs. You can see some minor previous damage to the LH front headlight area, the LH taillight area, and what appears to be a factory repair to the RH fender top, and the lower front valance got cracked when we pulled it out of garage with the tow chain,this car was not ever wrecked, the body lines are straight and all the original doors, trunk and deck lid fit very well!! Nothing hidden here! I put a 1959 Corvette hood on it that has a scoop molded on to it but the frame is original, it fits the surround opening as perfectly as did the original hood! This is as straight and clean, unmodified and unmolested as you can find one! The only bumpers are what you see on front with the grill oval and small ovals in place. All the body stainless and trim is in place except for the deck lid trim.All the window glass is broken, the hardtop has a GM nice used plexiglass window in an original GM box and goes with car.The original silver blue paint is still seen visible in trunk and under decklid, doorjambs, etc. The gas tank cover appears to never have been removed! The floorpan and trunk floor are undamaged/ unmodified with exception of one hole in rh trans tunnel probably done to adjust shifter linkage.The body steel framework appears OK as does the windshield frame, etc. The undercarriage frame is rusty but repairable, the x-member was never cut or any other modifications made, it has a 3:70 rear axle ratio.It appears the entire frame was painted in what the owner thought was rustoleum but remember that was long ago! Under the hood is ugly in photos but a restorers dream, never been repainted or modified, the cheap original blackout paint is falling off, steering column still has original paint on it, original brass radiator is still in place. Nothing cut on skirts or firewall, wiper arms and transmissions are there, all pedals, park brake lever, hood release handle and cable, vent control lever, all there. Interior is empty except for dash, gauges, radio, controls, etc as you see them. No seats or glove box. The dash pad is original! Amazing how clean it all stayed, I did not even find any evidence of "rodent" homes.The original steering wheel is in place and has cracks but is solid on the hub and not bent at all. Kick panels and door panels are in place but had speakers in them. Doors open and close and fit well. And a big surprise, the original ignition key is with it and operates ignition, doors, and trunk! Of course the original VIN tag is in place and I have the sale papers from the owner.The car steers and rolls very easily........................I am no straight axle Corvette expert but I know a quality fiberglass body when I see one, this is one. There are lots of "put together "cars and projects out there, this is a fine example of an unmolested original, never raced or modified, he just used it as an everyday car for all the time he drove it! There is what appears to be a heater box and fan and a window frame in the trunk. By the way the trunk area is just unbelievable, all still original paint! The hardtop is original and still has all its trim, headliner and latches, it may be missing one small SS trim on LH side, I have nothing to compare it to. This car is a perfect foundation to restore to original
For Sale: No

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