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VIN E54S001489

Car Year: 1954
Car's approximate birthday: February 26, 1954
State: Arizona
Country: United States
Purchase date: 02/13/2005
Status: Current Owner
Nickname: kens54vet
State: Restored
Exterior: Sportsman Red (2.75%)
Interior: Red (91.59%)
Softtop: Beige (100.00%)
Wheels: Red (100.00%)
Delivery Dealer Zone: Unknown
Delivery Dealer Code: Unknown
Options: RPO Option Percentage
Sold [%]
Sales Price
  02934 Base Engine 235ci "Blue Flame" 150hp (150hp)   2,774.00
  100 Directional Signals   16.75
  101 Heater   91.40
  102 AM Radio   145.15
  290B Whitewall Tires 6.70x15   26.90
  313M Powerglide Transmission   178.35
  420A Parking Brake Alarm   5.65
  421A Courtesy Lights   4.05
  422A Windshield Washers   11.85
  Total   0.0000%
(1 Cars)
Factory job nr.: Unknown
Export Car: Non Export Car
Engine details: Block Numbers correct, rebuilt and ready to go. original blue flame 6 cyl.
with 150 h.p.
Other details: Car was in really poor shape and advertised by Proteam Corvettes as "drive it as is"(I still have the ad, i copied it from their webpage)" No mufflers (Rotted exhaust) and it had an electric after market fuel pump installed, doors didn't close correctly(as stated by previous owner ) i have done what has been needed to make this car as correct as possible ! took it to bare frame and built it back myself ! have all docs and pictures of complete process !
Car history:
Vehicle was owned by a lady in rochester new york, whom i talked with, she sold several corvettes after her husband passed away. Car had been parked since 1966 so im told. A very nice lady.( AS STATED BY PREVIOUS OWNER )
I went to B.C.Canada to pick up the car in parts in 2005 and as you can see by the pictures it has come a long way ! it was also done as a trade, and all started from a fluke ! and the seller and i became good friends in the process !
For Sale: No

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