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VIN VE55S001599

Car Year: 1955
Car's approximate birthday: September 30, 1955
Owner: Unknown Owner
City: Ft Worth
State: Texas
Country: United States
Purchase date: Undefined
Status: Current Owner
Nickname: VE55S001599
State: Nice Driver
Exterior: Gypsy Red (25.71%)
Interior: Light Beige (25.71%)
Softtop: Beige
Wheels: Red (78.57%)
Delivery Dealer Zone: Unknown
Delivery Dealer Code: Unknown
Options: RPO Option Percentage
Sold [%]
Sales Price
  02934-8 Base Corvette Convertible, V8 265ci 195hp (1x4 195hp) 99.00% 2,909.00
  100 Directional Signals 100.00% 16.75
  101 Heater 100.00% 91.40
  102A AM Radio 100.00% 145.15
  290B Whitewall Tires 6.70x15 100.00% 26.90
  313M Powerglide Transmission 100.00% 178.35
  420A Parking Brake Alarm 100.00% 5.65
  421A Courtesy Lights 100.00% 4.05
  422A Windshield Washers 100.00% 11.85
  Total   5.143381924198249%
(37 Cars)
Factory job nr.: Unknown
Export Car: Non Export Car
Car history:
Posted 04/02/2020

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Vehicle Description

If you like the styling of the early Corvette, the one you really want to own is a
1955 like this California-bred example. The '53s are interesting because they
were the first, but with the 1955 models were the first of the V8 'Vettes, and a
Corvette without a small block V8 is only of the fun.

We don't have a lot of history on this handsome Gypsy Red Corvette, but we
do know that any 1955 Corvette is a rather rare car with only 700 being built.
It comes from California, with the current owner acquiring it in 2008 and
bringing it back east to be a part of a massive collection of high-quality cars.
It has obviously been restored at some point, because the paint and fiberglass
are in good condition and it fits together very well. The door gaps are a little
wide at the bottom, but they were like that in showrooms, so it's not really a
big deal. This car's show days are probably over, but it is a very sharp driver,
and that's really where Corvettes are happiest. The toothy front grille is in
excellent shape, the stainless shines up beautifully, and it takes a sharp eye to
tell a '55 from its earlier brothers, well, until you start the engine anyway.

You only got two color choices inside, bright red or beige vinyl, and this car
got beige which is by far the less common choice. Like the exterior, the interior
has been restored at some point using correct materials and patterns that look
great in the vintage fiberglass sports car. Likewise, the carpets, door panels,
and other soft parts were surely replaced and it all remains in excellent
condition with few signs of use. It's still got a color-matched red steering wheel
with '50s horn ring and all the secondary gauges are arrayed along the lower
center of the dash so the passenger has something to do, too. The original radio
is in the dash but sadly not functioning and the tach has been disconnected
due to a noisy cable, which is an easy, inexpensive fix. A 2-speed Powerglide
automatic transmission was by far the most popular choice, and that's what
this 'Vette is carrying, too, but as you've undoubtedly already experienced, it's
a great combination with the V8 engine. Overhead there's a new tan convertible
top that fits extremely well and the trunk is spacious enough for plenty of luggage
on a road trip, the Corvette's favorite activity.

The 265 cubic inch V8 under the hood should need no introduction, and by
dropping it between the Corvette's fenders, Zora Arkus-Duntov managed to
save Chevy's plastic fantastic from extinction. We have every reason to believe
this is the car's original engine, but there's no way to know for sure, but it
certainly looks right under the forward-tilting hood. Topped with a chrome air
cleaner and matching valve covers, it looks suitably flashy for the Chevy
flagship and many of the details are correct, from the generator to the cast iron
master cylinder. Bright Chevy Orange paint makes it identifiable at a glance
and it runs beautifully with a smooth purr from the dual glass-pack-style
mufflers underneath. The transmission shifts well, waiting until you're just sure
it won't shift then dropping happily into high gear and urging the Corvette
forward. The undercarriage was obviously nicely finished when it was restored,
although it now shows some signs of use and age but that's really not a
surprise on something this much fun to drive. Proper 6.70-15 BF Goodrich
Silvertown wide whitewall tires are installed, which is the only choice, especially
with stock wheels and hubcaps.

A handsome, fun-to-drive early Corvette, this is a car you can enjoy at every
opportunity without worries and with V8 power, you'll never feel like something is missing.
For Sale: No

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