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VIN J59S109016

Car Year: 1959
Car's approximate birthday: July 15, 1959
Owner: No Present Owner
State: Wrecked
Exterior: Crown Sapphire (0.91%)
Interior: Blue (13.47%)
Coves: Crown Sapphire
Softtop: Unknown
Wheels: Unknown
Delivery Dealer Zone: Unknown
Delivery Dealer Code: Unknown
Options: RPO Option Percentage
Sold [%]
Sales Price
  0867 Base Corvette (FI 290hp)   3,875.00
  101 Heater 92.13% 102.25
  419 Auxiliary Hardtop 56.68% 236.75
  579D 283ci 290hp Engine Fuel Injection 7.70% 484.20
  675 Positraction Rear Axle 3.38% 48.45
  684 Heavy Duty Brakes and Suspension 1.47% 425.05
  685 4 Speed Manual Transmission 43.17% 188.30
  686 Metallic Brakes 3.44% 26.90
  Total   0.0000%
(1 Cars)
Factory job nr.: Unknown
Export Car: Non Export Car
Other details: full road racing specs except it had the standard fuel tank. No soft top.
Car history:
Sold by Hauser Chevrolet, Bethlehem Pa, to Harold Keck, Hal road raced SCCA and ran a few PHA hill climbs with it along with his wife Nancy. He traded it back to Hauser in December 1960, and I traded my street Corvette (J58S107295) for it and went racing. Had some success during 1961 in PHA climbs and SCCA regional road races at Marlboro, Vineland, Cumberland (led the novice race for 15 of 21 laps when the engine lost a rod bearing), and Connellsville. In April 1962 I totalled the car in an end-over-end at Springtown Hill Climb. I believe the car was parted out by the insurance company. There was a report a few years ago that the car had been full restored as a 230 HP soft top Corvette, but I have spoken to the owner of the car in question who told me that it does not have my car's VIN.
For Sale: No

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