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VIN 20867S112062

Car Year: 1962
Car's approximate birthday: June 1, 1962
Owner: No Present Owner
State: Unknown
Exterior: Roman Red
Interior: Black
Softtop: Black (32.53%)
Wheels: Red
Delivery Dealer Zone: Unknown
Delivery Dealer Code: Unknown
Options: RPO Option Percentage
Sold [%]
Sales Price
  0867 Base Corvette (1x4 300hp)   4,038.00
  102 AM Radio 89.99% 137.75
  1832 Whitewall Tires 6.70x15   31.55
  419 Auxiliary Hardtop 55.56% 236.75
  583 327ci 300hp Engine 22.67% 53.80
  685 4 Speed Manual Transmission 77.89% 188.30
  Total   0.0000%
(1 Cars)
Factory job nr.: Unknown
Export Car: Non Export Car
Car history:
For sale via e-Bay:

I purchased this stunning 1962 Corvette from C'nV in Tempe, AZ in 1997. Just prior to my buying the car it was given new paint and chrome. I had the car transported by car carrier to Massachusetts. Since coming to Massachusetts the car has always been garaged and covered while in the garage. Nevertheless the car has been driven often from May 1 to December 1 each year that I have owned it.

* Motor: In the winter of 1997-1998 the motor (# 112062 F0601 RD) was taken out of the car and completely rebuilt. The motor had been previously fitted for unleaded gasoline. The motor displays the correct valve covers, air cleaner, ignition shielding and heat shielding. A new alternator has replaced the old generator. A new Pertronix Ignitor solid-state breakerless electronic ignition replaces the old points and condensor and is invisible underneath the stock distributor cap.The motor is very strong and generates tremendous torque across the entire RPM range.
* Electronics: All the wiring harnesses have been replaced with new correct harnesses. The battery was replaced in 2003.
* Transmission: The four speed manual transmission has been completely rebuilt. The shifter linkage is new. The shifter is the correct 62 shifter with the reverse lockout and white ball.
* Clutch: In 2003 a brand new heavy duty clutch was installed in the car.
* Rear End: The rear end was rebuilt and a set of GM gears with a ratio of 3.27 was installed. This is an excellent gear ratio for a car that is driven both in town and on the highway. This gear ratio gives plenty of get up and go off the line and yet allows for highway driving at reasonable RPMs.
* Suspension: The front suspension was completely rebuilt with all correct parts in 2003.
* Soft-top: A new correct black soft-top was installed in 2004.
* Hardtop: The correct 1962 optional hardtop in Roman Red comes with the car.
* Interior: In the winter of 2001-2002 the interior of the car (including the dash and windshield) were completely restored to factory correct specs. The windshield is correct and new. All the metal work around the windshield and passenger compartment was removed, buffed, and polished. All the rubber pieces around the windshield and dash were replaced. The dash pad and vinyl covering were replaced. All the gauges were rebuilt. All the pot-metal was repainted. The dash and interior are 100% correct and look awesome. All the gauges, the clock, the courtesy light, the directionals, the headlights and taillights, and the heater/defroster and fan are fully operational. Every year since 1997 the car has passed the Massachusetts Motor Vehicle Inspection and the car has a current inspection sticker (expires 6/2006). The carpeting is the correct 1962 Tuxedo Black; however the sunlight has caused the carpeting to fade.
* Emblems: All the emblems and badges are correct.
* Wheels: The wheels are correct in both size and color. The car has the correct 1962 wheel covers with the correct spinners and narrow whitewalls. (The tires are radials, which are not correct, but give a much better ride than the old bias ply tires.)
* Radio: In 2000 the Wonderbar Radio was removed from the car and sent out to Ecklers. The radio was rebuilt on the inside and now receives and plays both AM and FM stations. The radio appears perfectly stock from the outside and operates exactly the same as it did prior to being rebuilt.
* Overall Appearance: The exterior and interior of the car are correct and beautiful.
* Trophies: I have entered the car in numerous shows and have been awarded many first place trophies. Because of its beautiful appearance the car has won many people's choice awards.
For Sale: No

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