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VIN E53F001132

Car Year: 1953
Car's approximate birthday: October 22, 1953
Owner: Unknown Owner
City: Geneva
State: Ohio
Country: United States
Purchase date: Undefined
Status: Current Owner
State: Nice Driver
Exterior: Polo White (100.00%)
Interior: Red (100.00%)
Softtop: Unknown
Wheels: Unknown
Delivery Dealer Zone: Unknown
Delivery Dealer Code: Unknown
Options: RPO Option Percentage
Sold [%]
Sales Price
  02934 Base Engine 235ci "Blue Flame" 150hp (150hp) 100.00% 3,498.00
  101A Heater 100.00% 91.40
  101B AM Radio 100.00% 145.15
  Total   100.000000000000000%
(300 Cars)
Factory job nr.: Unknown
Export Car: Non Export Car
Car history:
The car legends were built on. The BLUE RIBBON standard of HIGHEST AVERAGE RESALE price of any normal production CORVETTE.The 1953 Corvette has now eclipsed the 1967 big block 427 cars as the big money car. Source (CORVETTEBLOG.COM) click corvette news and misc. auction results I will list.
The one you are missing from your collection. Only 300 made and about 125 still known to exist. The future price on this car will go through the roof. Only two 53's sold in 2006 with one topping 1 million. 2007 cars sold. Only six sold in 2007 with the top car selling for $440,000. The 2007 average selling price per car was over $352,000 with two topping $400,000.Think about that future dollar value again.
This is the real market right now. As other collector cars are going into a slump this car is climbing. This is a great survivor, LOW milage car.34,000 original miles.
NO RUST, NO WRECKS EVER!! First time ever advertised well preserved with great documentation. #132 CORVETTE. Super original right down to the hubcaps. 1980's title with the frame never separated from the body. Vin is easy to read on the frame. Received 1 repaint in the mid 60's with the cloth grain of the body very easy to see. This car could reset the standards of restoration on other 1953 Corvettes. The factory weatherstrips are still in place along with a ton of other small details never taken apart since new. This is nearly a full and complete car with factory stamps, writing, and tags in all areas. Has a 1953 tag still hanging on the seat back of the original upholstery. Fortunately this car was spared an amature restoration and still looks like it did in the 1960's. The owner that had it in the 70's realized the historical significance of this car and loaded up on some super rare 53 only NOS parts. Mostly in original 1970's GM packaging, washer jar with pump assembly NOS, ashtrays NOS, Rad cap NOS, Rocker shafts NOS, Thermostat housing NOS, signal lever NOS, Jack handle NOS, pos battery cable NOS, gasket sets NOS, Wheel bearings NOS, exhaust bezels NOS, park brake handle NOS, door knobs NOS, antenna wire NOS, camshaft NOS, plug wire set NOS.
All motor castings have NO CORROSION with all the right stuff including block , head, water pump, sheet metal, starter, carburator, fuel filter, crank vent tube assembly, exhaust manifold perfect, near perfect intake manifold, all carbs, smooth non ribbed expansion tank. The blue flame six is fresh machined and ready to complete the rebuild. Original signal seeking radio and speaker is still in place along with dated and tagged Harrison radiator. Top frame is very nice with no corrosion. Original 1953 dated side curtains are with the car! IF YOU (WANT THIS CAR) IS NOT THE ISSUE. But the issue is, do you perform some TLC and leave it a survivor?? People will flock right past the restored cars to look at a real 53 that looks like it is still in the 1960's. You can show this car as it looks with great appreciation from many enthusiasts. No fear of small scratches, ect. Or your other choice, a concourse restoration ,(now or latter) and then go to Bloomington (and, or) NCRS full tilt. YOU WIN EITHER WAY, money in the bank and the very EXCLUSIVE CLUB of 1953 Corvette ownership. This Corvette may be sold to anyplace in the world as many countries have found american muscle is a great investment. How many 1953 Corvettes have you seen in this original condition and for sale? 30 years in a private collection. How many are left out there to put you into this club?? All 300 came with the signal seeking radio and heat. I do not have the heater assembly but I do not think it is hard to come by as they should be the same for other years. The title is showing the previous owner with the current owner having it since the 80's. That is all the papers at this time. 34,000 miles. February 7, 2008.
For Sale: No

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