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Corvette Part & Services Vendor Details:

Vendor Chicago Corvette
Address 7322 S.Archer Road Justice
Zipcode 60458
State Illinois
Country United States
Telephone Number +1 708 458-2500
Fax Number +1 708 458-2662
Rating 3.7 stars
Nr. of votes 3

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User Rating Comments
knish71 9 I've read many posts from those who have had bad experiences with Al however I'm not one of them. I was searching for a dated differential case and he had exactly what I was looking for. Three weeks later it arrived in excellent condition dated perfectly for my use. I personally have nothing negative to say about the man or his business. 
David Cochran 1 Never trust anyone named Al in the car business - they don't call him "Fast Al" for nothing - hold onto your wallet 
Mick Fuson 1 Mom always said "if you can't say anything nice , say nothing at all" --- OK Mom, this one's for YOU !!! 

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