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Corvette Part & Services Vendor Details:

Vendor Corvette instrument service
Description 53-82 instruments and instrument restoration
Zipcode 33410
State Florida
Country United States
Telephone Number (561) 691-2905
Rating 4.5 stars
Nr. of votes 2

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Richard & Brenda Shatkosky 1 My intentions in sharing this are to hopefully let others know how Roger Scott treated me and most notably, how he does business.

My 73 Vette has been at Joshes shop from Custom Image Corvettes for over a year now. We have added flairs, custom paint, a 427 Ls and all sorts of upgrades thus far. Josh has been a pleasure to deal with and is doing some incredible work but you guys already know that!

I hired Roger Scott from Corvette Instrument Services to rebuild by gauges. He charged about $1000 to restore the set. When the gauges were completed and back in Joshes possession, he lit them up and to our surprise the Speedometer was bright white and the Tachometer was an off white or light green in color. Fantastic, now we have a mismatched set of gauges in the dash.

I called Roger and explained what was going on. This is the sum total of Rogers response to me,

1. He deflected all ownership in the issue completely
2. He blamed Josh for most likely doing something wrong during installation
3. He blamed the light bulbs
4. He blamed just about everything and anything he could think off so that he wouldn't have to stand behind his work.

I boxed up the gauges and sent them back to Roger. He looked at them and guess what he said,

I don't see anything wrong More deflection.........Shocking

He then decided to remove the 200mph Speedometer screening that he charged me extra for and put in place a stock 160mph screen. This was his solution. I agreed to it if this would get me a matching set of gauges.

Josh reinstalled the gauges and nothing has been fixed, same mismatched junk in my dash. I still have a white Speedometer and a green looking Tachometer.

Frustrated, I paid Josh to dissembled both units and right away he found the problem as shown in the pictures attached, Roger had mismatched the colors of the bezels.

How did this happen? No clue.....
Why did he not catch this on the 2nd inspection of the gauges? Your guess is as good as mine.

The Speedometer housing was white in color and the Tachometer housing was blue...... We all know that the color of the bezels reflects the light. I know that and I don't own a gauge restoration shop....

So now Josh has several hours of additional repair plus the shipping charges and im into the gauges a good bit just to make them usable. I requested a refund for the 200mph speedometer face that Roger removed, the labor for Josh to fix the mistakes and this was Rogers response,

The faces are made by the same company and are the exact same finish and colors.
I cannot see how the color of the plastic tubes can affect lighting.
They used green for 68-71 and blue for 72-77.

We cannot refund shipping or mechanic charges, sorry.

Roger Scott
Corvette Instrument Service
9627 Begonia Street
Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33410
561-627-9345 9AM to 4PM Eastern Time

For the record, I dont even know what he is talking about in his response. Its just more ethically challenged deflection at the end of the day. Roger could care less, he got his money already.

All he had to do was correct the problem and handle it like a normal, reputable business should. Mistakes happen, things get crossed at times in business so fix it, thats all, just fix the gauges.....

Shop Info Below,

Roger Scott
Corvette Instrument Service
9627 Begonia Street
Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33410

Do yourself a favor, look around before you choose a gauge resto shop. Go somewhere that takes pride in what they do. The Corvette community is a small place. Maybe save someone some future headaches. 
Joep Feldmann 8 Quick, adequate and good quality. 

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