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C1 Registry Weblog: Sky Blue '62: A UK resto(mod?) project.

by Mark Fox (405 views)
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07/21/2006 19:55
Slow progress?!
Well, I have an engine, at least! I bought a 327 with all the correct castings, which was sired from a '64 Impala. The 283 is too much of a bitza, although I'm going to try a 4" rebore and get some 302 pistons.

I think (a glorious UK summer flying by) it's about time i did something about it, so I'm lining up ducks. Next, time to load the gun. :)
10/22/2005 17:52

Mechanical bits.
As mentioned, it all looks pretty good mechanically, aside from the engine (missing, or at least, in bits.) Here is a gratuitous picture of your friend and mine, the Muncie M20 - with a Hurst shifter, no less.
10/22/2005 17:29

Starting the cleaning.
I've started to strip down parts to clean and decide what needs rechroming. All the rear lamps and the front turn signals are corroded - not badly, but enough. The Speedo surround is pitted too. I'm finding some of the quirks of 43 year old car production & design - cardboard heater boxes - who thought of that! I'm beginning to think some improvisation is needed to bring some of the hidden things up to a more modern standard.
10/16/2005 21:56

Under the skin.
The chassis however, has been well restored. With new bushings and rebuilt everything, the rolling chassis looks pretty darn swish. The frame was media blasted, zinc sprayed and painted black. Very nice!
10/16/2005 21:51

But you couldn't buy a blue '62!
True. So? It's a pretty colour, a close approximation of 'Jewel Blue' I believe. I think the car was originally black - black interior, black hardtop, black instrument cowl... The paint doesn't seem that great now I've had a close look in the sunlight, and it wouldn't have been my first choice either. I'll see if it wet-sands and polishes up, although it seems a little thin (to the primer) in places. If it becomes too much like hard work to keep it blue, then off it goes to a friend to go back to black.

Heh, 'Black Sky'. :)
10/16/2005 21:45

Well, here's as good a place as any to keep a weblog. I bought this freshly painted rolling chassis home yesterday, along with a box of bits. Hopefully, with luck, help, sweat and probably blood (but maybe not tears) I can get her (her?) back on the road, perhaps not original, but usable.
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