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C1 Registry Weblog: Talked with a previous owner

by K Sherman (25 views)
Ascending Descending
08/22/2011 04:10

Lily - her name - is being put back together
Slowly but surely I am putting Lily back together.
Photo is of Lily - body is on - top is on
Motor has been test fired.
07/08/2011 20:37
July 2011
Body is painted - Paint is excellent
Body is on the frame
Conv Top is on and fitted.
starting the re-assy process
Headlight and turn signal are in
Wiring is in.
04/11/2011 14:47
It Runs !
this weekend - 4/9/11
Started the engine for the very first time.
No fuel lines leaked.
Primed the engine with a drill numerous times - oil pressure was 40 psi
Turned the engine over while priming.
Re-installed the distributor
couple tries - engine started right up
idled beautiful !!!!
super quiet -
12/30/2010 08:16
Dec 2010
The car is painted !!!! Both the red and polo white are done.
The chassis is also almost done. The exhaust is coated and is on.
Gen and starter need installed. Misc minor details.
Jan 2011 we will marry the body and the chassis.
06/15/2010 01:50
Talked with a previous owner
Today I spoke with the previous owner, John Frankovich. He bought the car in the early 60's from a Volvo car lot in Peoria IL. When he bought it the car was black, meaning the car has already been in an accident and changed from white to black. The engine was still the orig 6 cly with the side drafts but had a 3sp manual transmission. Frank drove the car for years. He drove the car often to Ft Sheridan, where he served. He remembers and has photos of the car in 64 on the base. He gave the car to his brother Vance who had the car painted in Canton IL at a Chev dealer Art & Genes. Here is was painted a heavy metal flake candy apple red, a 283 was installed, a hole was cut in the hood for the carb, a Cal Custom hood scoop was bolted on and a set a Cragar knock offs were installed. The car was sold to my father in 1970.
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