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C1 Registry Weblog: Hawk's 1960 Restoration

by Hawk Sorman (1442 views)
Ascending Descending
04/07/2006 19:32

Frame With Upper Control Arms On
Next step is to get lower control arms and spindles on...
04/07/2006 19:30

Front Suspension Issues - Upper Control Arms On!
The weld has been ground down, and the control arm has been installed. Per ST-12, the arm may only go on 3/64th of an inch to one side, which is 1/2 a thread off. This is corrected when the car is aligned.
04/07/2006 19:11

Front Suspension Issues - Before
Here is a closeup picture of the front driver's side crossmember. As you can see, the cross shaft that holds the upper control arm has been welded. The weld would destroy the grommet, but otherwise the shaft is placed where it needs to be. This weld will be ground flat.
08/12/2004 18:05

Another view
Here is another view of the Corvette hanging in the garage. Note frame hanging against the wall. The frame and suspension components have been blasted and powder coated. The body hangining will give me the room to set down and assemble the frame before setting the body back on it.
08/12/2004 18:02

Hanging out...
Some time has gone by since the bodywork was done. Young kids, family and home projects take both time and money! I also needed a better place to work. Through some miracle I managed to convince my wife I needed a 3rd car garage (built big). After all of that was done, the Corvette is now in a good place where I can work on it.
08/12/2004 17:55

Done Painting!
Car as it looked when it was done all the bodywork and painting.
08/12/2004 17:46

Color Location
Corvettes in 1960 got painted based on a crayon mark in the trunk. A guy would write the color on the wall of the trunk. As the car progressed down the assembly line, it would get painted that color. In this picture, you can see the word "black".
08/12/2004 13:57

Front Fiberglass Assembly
Here is a picture of the front fiberglass after installation. Note locations of bonding strips.
08/10/2004 23:29
Note regarding hood!
Note that I discovered that 1959 - 1962 hoods are NOT the same. It's been a few years, so I don't remember all the particulars, but the front hood area is different based on the radiator (?) you have. Again, it's been awhile, but if you are doing a "correct" restoration, do your homework with the hoods!
08/10/2004 23:25

More Dissassembly...
Car after front fiberglass was removed. All fiberglass forward of doors was unusable - it was just too busted up. It was replaced with new fiberglass, not NOS, but as close to NOS as I could find, including all bonding strips, etc.
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