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C1 Registry Weblog: Adventures J59S109573

by Rob Musquetier (9324 views)
Ascending Descending
05/18/2008 22:11

Enjoying the car!
Today I enjoyed the finished car. Some little finding during the trip were the steer needs to be re-centered and some lash needs to be removed...
09/23/2007 20:08

and now, waiting for it to dry...
09/23/2007 20:06

Dashpad glueing
We decided that the car would be better of with a new dashpad so another investment was made to buy a brand new Al Knock Turquoise dashpad. It was trimmed to fit and glued on. The tape was needed to keep it all in place until the glue has dried.
09/09/2007 13:04

Backside of the dash insert
09/09/2007 13:02

Dash insert
One of the last items to fix is the dash insert. The currently fitted insert wasn't very crisp and slightly dented. A new insert was ordered and today I'll attempt to fix-up this pretty style element of the '59 car.
04/28/2007 20:21

Trunk area
Today I've continued working on the car a bit by working on the trunk area. I've added the rear panel and spare tire area lid (covering the bumper brackets). Rene glued the trunk lid weather strip. Next is placing the trunk lid on the car.
03/11/2007 12:46

Putting it all back together
Yesterday during the NCRS club wrenching afternoon I was able to put the bumpers brackets, bumpers and grill back on the car... It starts to look familiar again!
01/06/2007 19:05

Collection of brackets and parts
Here the individual parts attached to the steering box.
01/06/2007 19:04

Worm wheel
Here the worm wheel which is attached to the steering column.
01/06/2007 19:02

Steering box
One of the last tasks to be done was rebuilding the steering box. The oil inside was very thick (but it was a bit cold in the work shop) but all inside still looked pretty neat. All bearings were tight and the worm wheels looked perfect.

The date on the box is indicating the steering box is not original to the car since it seems to be a 1960 box.
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