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C1 Registry Weblog: 1958 #6009 Ayatollahs Revenge

by Mick Fuson (3602 views)
Ascending Descending
07/24/2010 17:19

And Larry said it wouldn't happen.....ha
All 4 Top Flight awards. Most recently Charlotte Nationals, July 2010.
08/19/2009 12:06

Ayatollahs Revenge
Took the car to Charlotte NC in April for the 2009 Regional. There were 154 cars present in the Nationwide garage area. Next years Nationals will be held at this same facility. Luckily the car TopFlighted again.
10/04/2008 08:17

Ayattolah's revenge
Sitting next to the "winners pole" atop the "hill" -- quite the Honor indeed.
10/04/2008 08:16

Ayattolah's revenge
The 58 was picked as one of the top 25 and was then moved up on what is know as "the hill", or a long raised area which appears to be shaped like an outfield fence for baseball. The hill was designed to line up 25 cars for pictures and awards.
10/04/2008 08:15

Ayattolah's revenge
Effingham 2008
Throughout the day 25 "Celebrity Judges", mostly magazine editors and the such were walking the grounds and picking out 1 car each, or in other words 25 top cars out of the 12,000 that would show up.
10/04/2008 08:13

Ayattolah's revenge
We were parked first in the row of 58's and had a great seat for watching all of the several thousand Corvettes come into the grounds throughout the day.
10/03/2008 08:28

Ayattolah's revenge
Effingham 2008 - over 12,000 Corvettes attended.
We were parked in the field of "8's", and 4 Corvettes showed up for 1958
the 68's - 78's- 88's-98's & 08's were all well represented.
10/03/2008 08:23

Ayattolah's revenge
Effingham 2008 ---- Mid America FunFest 08
08/20/2008 04:13

Line up at Indiana Chapter NCRS Meet 2008
08/20/2008 04:10

Ayattolah's revenge
Car at the Indiana Chapter meet, August 15-16 2008. Received TopFlight again at this meet with a better score then last, after making some changes. 98.8%
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