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C1 Registry Weblog: '58 9128 Restoration and Factory Details

by Ted Stock (1639 views)
Ascending Descending
06/12/2009 06:21

Throttle Plate Number
This is showing the position of the 1387 on a 2x4 throttle plate
06/12/2009 06:00

Single 4bbl Throttle Plate
This is the throttle plate you typically see on a sigle 4bbl
06/12/2009 05:58

WCFB 1387 Throttle Plate
Correct throttle plate for 2x4s
02/23/2008 06:57

Clutch Pilot Bearing Surface
A 1.095" pilot bearing doesn't work well in a 1.115+" hole.
02/21/2008 10:18

Chassis Rear
Here's a shot of the rear of the chasis
02/20/2008 14:45

Heater Controls
Here's a pic of the heater controls. Notice the white lettering and the line on the fan switch.
02/10/2008 16:54

Door Panel - Power windows
Here's the top edge of a the power window door pad
02/06/2008 04:37

Door Jam Original Paint
Here's a shot of the door jam. Notice the texture of the fiberglass
01/26/2008 02:51

Power window motors
Here's a shot of the power window motors for my '58
12/28/2007 17:29

For reference top tank radiator
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