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C1 Registry Weblog: GM vintage Options & Accessiores

by copper (2392 views)
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05/02/2010 18:27
locating original parts
12/15/2006 04:47

55 key chain
Given out at GM shows in 1955
12/15/2006 04:44

53- 55 wire wheels
These were offered by the dealer as an accessory for car or Corvette.
12/15/2006 04:42

55 head light
This is the first design 12V tin back having no 12V logo in the glass ,these are nos having a sticker saying 12V
12/15/2006 04:39

55 vett
Rear shock stone guards
12/15/2006 04:37

55 spark holders
04/17/2006 00:19

52-55 Horn emblem
Like the front emblem the horn emblem black and white checkers area there is more of the black then white in a ORIGINAL horn emblem . Because you would rarely ever see a original emblem to day , the repro. Are thought to be the original ones. Some judges may even take points off for the original one thinking it was a second.

I see that many people look at my weblog , I would like to hear from any one that thinks I'm wrong ,right,or has other examples ,interest. Option,remarks and what ever.
The parts I post are to inform people of the originality of parts and interest of accessories GM offered to use, I find few people interested about accessories until they see my 55 Corvette and ask what the thing it is or does.
04/16/2006 23:59

53 to 55 Corvette front emblem
A ORIGINAL front emblem will show more checker black in the flag then the repro. That shows more white in the checker area
04/16/2006 23:53

Voltage Regulator 53 to early 56
The original Regulator is easily detected with out looking for the part numbers by the cover bolts going through the cover 53 to early 56 only. All other years have two screws on each side.
04/14/2006 20:38

Soft top S/S belt cap for 53 to 55?
The original ones had this first design and there was a left and right
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