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C1 Registry Weblog: Restoration

by Frank Dreano (24 views)
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02/20/2008 23:46
Log of Work Done
1961 Corvette Restoration Log

This log is for upgraded, modernized or correctly replaced parts and accessories. It is not for routine maintenance expenses such as spark plugs, oil/air filters, wheel alignment, etc. that any passenger car requires. When an original item is replaced or modernized the removed part is stored in as is condition. Receipts for all parts are kept in one folder.

August 2007

Car Purchased (Car had frame-off resto in 2002; motor rebuilt in Sep 2004)

September 2007

Replaced gas tank sending unit, all clamps and rubber to/from gas tank, gas tank cover bead caulking and added factory correct screws all round.
Replaced rubber gasket and vent tube in gas fill compartment near gas cap
Added fuel pressure regulator to be compatible with Carter WCFB carbs.
Corrected misaligned deck lid and hood.
Replaced rubber drain tubes in trunk.
Repaired passenger side window track located in door pillar.
Repaired fiberglass soft spot under deck lid behind passenger seat

October 2007

Replaced crumbling fresh air vent hose under hood
Replaced crumbling defroster duct hoses under dash.
Added oil filter converter for PF-1218 or NAPA 1060 gold standard oil filter
Replaced ignition coil with high-energy Acel unit.
Replaced passenger side grab bar
Installed windshield washer vacuum tank & valve & hoses

November 2007

Replaced dual point distributor with electronic Pertronix unit with adjustable vacuum advance. Bypassed ballast resistor per instructions.
Replaced plug wires with Delco correct plug wires.
Installed correct reproduction under-carpet metal wire chases on both sides of floorboard near doorsills.
Added ceramic/foil heat barrier under carpet and seats.
Replaced carpet with correct tuxedo, black/olive color
Replaced kick panels, windlass and chrome inserts
Replaced rubber on gas, brake and clutch pedals
Added tuxedo, black/olive, Corvette logo embossed floor mats
Replaced hood rear edge weather strip.

December 2007

Completely rebuilt both seats with new foam, springs and seat covers.
Both Carter WCFB carbs rebuilt by The Carburetor Shop in California
Replaced rusted and scratched, complete front bumper license plate holder including holder, correct rounded bumperettes, mounting brackets and screws.
Replaced dinged up lower fender chrome cove molding on both sides using correct fasteners.
Replaced broken dash extender with new reproduction part.
Replaced cracked package tray with new reproduction part and correct screws and bracket.
Replaced dinged up left hand upper door cove molding.
Painted cowl fresh air vent and replaced vent weatherstripping.
Installed missing window crank handle plastic bushings, spacer springs and foam insulators on both driver and passenger doors.
Replaced both door panels including chrome inserts.

January 2008

Bought, installed & adjusted correct, numbers matching 270HP dual carbs (sold old WCFB carbs for $2,000 they were matching numbers correct for 1956!)
Replaced old carb linkage and fuel lines with new repro parts
Replaced cracked, worn down steering wheel with new, correct, properly grained, reproduction steering wheel.
Replaced pitted chrome horn button with new official GM part.
SPECIAL NOTE: Replaced radiator fan fluid clutch assy with new unit from Corvette Central. Unwound thermostatic coil turn to fit in second tang on clutch. Supposed to lower kick-in temperature by approx. 30 degrees.
Repaired fuel filler well nipple (near gas cap) and replaced missing drain hose.
Added dedicated ground wire to gas sending unit to stabilize needle jump (per NCRS article). It goes from sending unit, across gas tank, and down to the frame through gas cap well overfill tube hole.
Replaced nicked up and frozen tachometer cable.
Replaced generator tachometer drive gears (nylon and metal).

February 2008

Removed malfunctioning tachometer & speedometer and sent to B&M Clock & Gauge in Georgia for refurbishing.
Removed upper & lower dash cluster, steering column bell and mast cover, stripped them and sent them out for repaint.
Installed new windshield washer bottom with gray top along with rebuilt internal washer pump components.
Added 30-AMP ATC blade-type fuse in the black wire going from the ammeter to the battery for fire protection per Corvette Forum recommendations. The fuse is located behind the ammeter in a rubber fuse holder just off drivers side gauge terminal.
Readjusted driver side door to keep from having to slam it shut each time.
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