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C1 Corvette Registry Guest Book

Welcome at the C1 Registry guest book. Leave your feedback here, comments and suggestions for this site. Questions will not be picked-up and answered from this page. Please send us your questions via the Contact Us... button on the left panel. Before you sent us your question please consult the Help page first. Many questions are already answered there, like: How do I register my car? How do I reset my password? or How do I change the owner of my car?

Guest book entries should be in English, have a non-commercial and a non-polical nature and should be Corvette related. Entries not complying with these requirements will not be approved (and published) and the issuer will be permanently blocked from the websites of the C1, C2 and C3 registries.

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What was the last model year of the C3's?
I recently purchased J59S106213, a red 1959 through Past & Present Motors in FL. I am trying to find out any information on prior restoration or maintenance or ownership. The prior owner in OH has not replied to my queries. If anyone knows anything about this car, I would appreciate hearing from you.
David Melian
I am trying to update information on my 1962 Corvette. I am unable to get in touch with the manager of this registry. Any help is appreciated. The
Chris Halsey
1 purchased a 1954 C1 VIN E54S002212 and would like to find out more about the car.
Robert Brownlee
Maybe this will help someone, I bought my uncles 54 corvette in 1979 in Beaverton Oregon for $6000. Sportsman Red. Had an early vin number. He bought it in 1972 out of southern Oregon for $2000. I sold it in 1981 for $9500 to a man from Port Angeles WA, named Pearson I believe. The car was being stored at my folks house in Sequim WA. All original except slotted aluminum mags. Otherwise, was missing almost nothing!
Anyone know of it now?
Bob Brownlee 4/8 2023
Tom Fazio
I have registered however I can not get in to change the info on the website I have a 1959 vin J59S101329 I have been the new owner from 2011. Can you check to see what the problem is. Thanks
John R Crepeau
I owned 58 Corvette VIN J58S105560 from 1965 to 1971. Sold it to John Bailey of Concord, CA April 22, 1971. I am looking for the car's whereabouts and current owner so I can share information and history of the car. If you have any information, contact me at 831-905-1861.
Bob (Vetman) Larson
I registered my new car (1959, Vin ending 2579) on your registry 3/18 but couldn't finish. Tonight 3/20/23 I added more info and photos. But for some reason both myself as owner was deleted...then the whole registry was deleted. Please correct.
John Mueller
Just acquired 54 C1 E54S002819 with past Owner history and car is currently under restoration. Came out of Connecticut in 1969. Car is in California now.
B Trecker
How to find history of my 62 FI
Benjy Levin
I put the wrong serial number in for my 1960
Paul W Yee
Interested in registering my car
Great web site.
Brandon McNees
I owned a 62 vette in the 70's and would like to find it again. I was from Idaho when I owned it and it was quite unique. It was black on black, had brass tru spoke wheels, brass instrument cluster brass shifter, brass speaker cover and brass knobs. it was a 327 injected. If anyone has heard of this car I would love to hear from you.
Rick Whiting
I have just purchased my C1
I should of left more information on my last. I had a 1956 Corvette 30 years ago.E56S004215. I have additional paper work if interested. I was sold in Cadillac Mi on consignment to some in Texas. Would like to locate owner.
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