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What is the last model year of the C1's?
David Rose
Looking for the previous owner of 1961 corvette. serial # is 10867s100099. Purchased it in 1995 in Iowa.
Loan Cash
John Burke
I am looking for my old 1966 Corvette, I purchased it in Pittsburgh PA in 1966 and sold it in Evansville, Indiana around 1971. Vin194676S119410
bob sengle
this is a great web site . please include me for anything.
Tom Reddish
I have owned my 58 vette since July 1970...
bob sengle
get site for plenty of information
gary stengle
James Kerth
Looking for history on my 62 20867S110778.
Mike Brian
Have 57 serial
J nelson
Looking for history on 57 serial number me at Thank you,
Pamela Doud
Back at you. The VIN # on the 57 corvette is E57S104740.
Pamela Doud
I am looking for the history on a 1957 corvette VIN
Mark C. Coffield
I am looking for my 1961 Corvette. When I sold it it was blue with silver coves, black interior, four speed, with original 283 engine. The frame was weak and I sold it with an extra good frame. The serial number is 10867S100791 and the last known title number was P335557 West Virginia. I sold it to Pro Team in the early eighty's. They were no help. I owned the car in my last year of high school and got engaged in the car. (Still have the wife!) I would like to see if I could purchase or even see the Corvette again.
Thank you,
Mark C. Coffield
Mark lovrien
my 1962 is in your registry. I can
william keogh
Gorries Chevrolet sponsored race Corvettes

Who in your club knows where the following cars are now and/or the Vin #'s of any of these cars

(a) 1958 F.I. 290hp all white with hardtop race driven by Ed Leavans

(b) 1959 F.I. 290hp silver with red cove that was driven by richard Greenblatt now deceased

( c) 1960 F.I. 290hp all white with hardtop that was driven by richard Greenblatt now deceased

(d) 1960 F.I. 290hp all white with hardtop that was owned and raced by DAVE BILLES (i.e. Canadian Tire family ) (note: I have contacted him but he does not have the Vin# of the car which he traded in for a 1963 Corvette at Gorries )

(e) 1956 white with blue cove area vin # E56S001701

(f) 1956 all red race car driven by Ed Leavans E56S003202

Thank you for any information

Bill Keogh
NCRS member 1610
E mail:
Tel: 905-8712341
Fort Erie Ontario
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