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What model year was the Split Window Coupe an available option?
looking for info on how to change the plate that the door striker mounts to seems to be no access to it can you get to it with the striker off or do you have to cut a hole? on a 62 thanks
Coleen Landris
Looking for a 1972 Corvette which we purchased new. VIN
just bought 1962 and looking for more info on car i did not see it on your registry. I did find out birthdate of June 5 vin 20867S112252 Thanks Phil
David Mell
Looking for previous owners of 1956 car #4349. Thanks wanting original information or documentation.
Diane Preston
Does anyone have any information on ownership of VIN #10867S109447 prior to 2020?
Jim Holland
I have owned SERNO E57S100683 since I bought it for $1600 in 1973 in Jacksonville, FL.

We're now living in Mooresville, NC.

Would appreciate hearing from any previous owners especially those with documentation.

I owned a '56 from 1966-1973 when I bought the '57 listed above. I sold it to a hippie who lived in Palatka, FL. I doubt he owned it long. But I'd enjoy hearing what happened to it.

Thanks, Jim Holland
richard woodmansee
I realize that this is the ultimate long shot but my first car (back in 1967) was a 1960 model Corvette that I paid $1050 for. It is also the only car that I don't have a photo of......nor do I have any idea of vin#, but I stumbled on this site and thought what could it hurt to put it out there.
Someone might recognize the description so here goes:
White, red coves, hardtop and interior. White soft top with 283 motor w/ 4 bbl and factory 3 speed transmission. It was pretty good condition back then and way cool for a 16 year old but I sold it after a couple years to a navy guy that was then stationed in Millington, TN..........I was in Memphis. I never saw it again but often wonder why I didn't have at least one pic somewhere - but I don't.
One custom thing that a previous owner must have added was an earphone plug in the upright console that was in between the seats.........for the radio I assumed.

Sound familiar to anyone?
Rich Scalzi
I own a 62 which is #20867S103105.
Drag Car back in the 70's/80's... Black & single roll bar with Dana 60 + big Slicks.
Bought it in Georgia 20 years ago & came from Florida prior.
Originally Factory Fuelie
Big Brake
7,000 Red Line Tach
Now a Pro Street / Drag Setup
Would like to find some pics n history along with past owners...
Anything would help.
Adam Lee
Hello: I purchased a 1962 back in January. The vin is 20867S107152. The vin is already in your registry and I would like to identify the car as mine. Thank you. Adam Lee
Chip Churukian
I have the engine and transmission for 1962 vin 7326.
Bill Croxton
My 59 was built on my wifes birthday, 4/7/1959.
Talmadge. Ward
I have the engine and transmission from 1962 vette serial number 9226. Would like to know if the car is still alive.
I have the original bill of sale for a 1957 Corvette and would like to give it to the current owner. Hopefully the car is still alive. Vin is E57810XXXX send me the last 4 numbers by email to prove you are the owner and I will send you the bill of sale.
Jeffrey lee
I have a 1962 Corvette Vin number 647 I was trying to find out what my vet was originally sold with
Tim Wardlaw
Any info on my '62, Vin # 20867S106015. Ive owned it since 2000 and I bought it from Cris Kehr in Jeff City, Mo. He thought the car came from Houston, Tx but wasn't sure.Any help on the car's history will be appreciated.
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