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How many 1953 Corvette's were produced?
I information on the original owner of 1953
Mickey Shackelford
Great source of information for Chevrolet Corvettes that I refer to often. Thank you and keep up the great work. Maybe I can submit some materials for you include. MS
Duane Halt
I found a barn fined in the Pittsburgh area been in storage since 1977. It's a 1957 C1 Corvette
Vin # E57S101492. I drove it out of the old garage. Everything worked on the car I believe the car was Red guy was a big Steelers fan painted it yellow and black in 1977 and never really drove it
Edward Perez Jr
Looking for 1961 Corvette, Vin #10867S107471, owned it in my early twenties and my first date with my wife in 1964. Would love to find out what happened to it and if they would like to sell it. When I sold it, it was black with red interior.
Robert T Gatesh
In high school, I had a 1953 Corvette ending in 275 (275 of 300). It was in poor shape then and when I needed cash for college, I sold it to a guy who was going to turn it into a drag car.
Not seeing it registered, I assume it was junked at some point.
Fred Rau
I own 1959 VIN #00357, I don't see it in your registry? On the frame rail under the driver's door I found some numbers. They are in red crayon or wax pen. What does 303190-60 and under that it has 9.6.58. Is that her birthday??
I owned this 56 Corvette 30 years ago. Vin# E565004215
and have some fun paper work for it if interested.
Frank Schaefer
I am looking for original ownership of my 57 corvette
hello looking for any info as to where my corvette was sold to (in last 3 weeks)ownership--- vin J59S108140-1959
looking for info on how to change the plate that the door striker mounts to seems to be no access to it can you get to it with the striker off or do you have to cut a hole? on a 62 thanks
Coleen Landris
Looking for a 1972 Corvette which we purchased new. VIN
just bought 1962 and looking for more info on car i did not see it on your registry. I did find out birthdate of June 5 vin 20867S112252 Thanks Phil
David Mell
Looking for previous owners of 1956 car #4349. Thanks wanting original information or documentation.
Diane Preston
Does anyone have any information on ownership of VIN #10867S109447 prior to 2020?
Jim Holland
I have owned SERNO E57S100683 since I bought it for $1600 in 1973 in Jacksonville, FL.

We're now living in Mooresville, NC.

Would appreciate hearing from any previous owners especially those with documentation.

I owned a '56 from 1966-1973 when I bought the '57 listed above. I sold it to a hippie who lived in Palatka, FL. I doubt he owned it long. But I'd enjoy hearing what happened to it.

Thanks, Jim Holland
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